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For professional private investigators, the key to successfully locating a person is piecing together bits of information that are already out there. Skip tracing, surveillance, and investigative techniques are used to paint a picture of the person and their likely location(s).

A professional private investigation firm may conduct searches of nationwide or worldwide databases which would be extremely difficult for the general public to access. They may also access government records, banking information, credit bureau reports, online social networks, and other sources to piece together any evidence that might play a role in their investigation.

These methods must be used legally so as not to violate any privacy laws or regulations that would apply if a government agency were conducting the same type of activity.

Once useful information is collected, the investigator may do additional surveillance for logistical fact-finding such as determining who the person lives with, where they work (and when), etc. It is then possible for the investigator to continue surveillance on the target, conduct additional research, or provide key information on the target person (such as address, phone number, etc.) to the party or parties with a vested interest in the target.

Who Can We Locate?

Legal "Skips"

By implementing a skip trace (on someone who has “skipped” out, perhaps to avoid legal obligations), private investigators can find a vast amount of information on someone very quickly. This includes their previous addresses, any aliases that they may have used throughout their lives, etc. The more information that is found about a person, the easier it will be for a private investigator to find them for…

Family Members

A professional private investigator has the tools and expertise to track down the person you want to find, even if they don’t want to be found, including missing or estranged relatives, birth parents, or deadbeat dads.

Collateral Locate

LocateMasters is very experienced in locating high-dollar collateral that needs to be recovered. We have vast resources and methods to locate your collateral that someone may be hiding. As with other locates, you only pay if we’re successful in locating it. We charge a minimum of 20% and up of the value of the collateral. Final percentage will be based on the time and effort put in to locate the collateral, and you only pay if we are successful. We are not a repossession company, so it is preferred that you have one in place to take the reins once we locate it. If you don’t have a repo company, we may be able to refer you to one.

An experienced private investigator can discreetly uncover your old flame’s current residence and their relationship status. This is especially important for when you’re trying to decide whether to pursue things further or leave well enough alone.

Old Friends

Few things are more fulfilling than locating an old friend you’ve lost touch with… maybe an old high school friend or a buddy from the military. A licensed private investigators is often the answer to helping you get in touch with the people you thought you would never see or hear from again. This is especially true if your personal attempts to locate that person on social media and elsewhere have failed. In this scenario, we can usually help pretty quickly.

Former Business Associates

You may be looking to re-establish contact with a former client, track down someone who owes you money from a business transaction, or find a former fellow employee you worked with in the past. A private investigator is uniquely qualified to conduct a professional and legal search for whoever is missing in your life.

Cost & Guarantee

We have a minimum locate fee of $3,500; the fee can incrase based on logistics, required resources, and overall scope of the search. The fee is due upon successful location.

Our guarantee is simple and straightforward: if we don’t find them, you don’t pay.

The Next Step is Easy...

At LocateMasters, we have access to vast information repositories, millions of records, proprietary tools, and unique methods. In addition, our years of experience set us apart from others in the industry.

We’re here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our initial consultations are Free, 100% Confidential, and you can expect zero pressure on the call.